CPQ in DJ/Colours

The Crystal Palace String Quartet offers a range of bespoke options. Suggested packages are listed below but you may mix and match elements as you wish, and we will always try to accommodate additional desires where possible. The starting prices shown are for a string quartet (four players), but we offer any size of ensemble from soloist, duo and trio upwards. Please call us for a quotation, or email us with as much information as you can provide at the moment and we will get back to you with a quotation as soon as we can.



  • 1 hour, e.g. ceremony music
  • smart black concert dress
  • choice of repertoire from our extensive list
  • phone and email contact


as per bronze plus:

  • 2 hours e.g. reception
  • choice of dress, e.g. DJs / ballgowns
  • advance set list if desired


as per silver plus:

  • 3 hrs e.g. ceremony + reception
  • one song specially arranged
  • face to face (or Skype) meeting


as per gold plus:

  • live recordings of your songs
  • set lists in advance/to keep
  • in person meeting at venue